SCiNDO is a mobile game project that my friends and I created together under the name Hiterus Studio. The game utilise the mobile gesture swiping to create a fun and challenging mechanics. It has been published on Google Play Store.


SCiNDO is not the first idea we considered doing a mobile game. It was the one after 3 months discussing ideas and creating prototype and failed attempt. SCiNDO is the first one that meet initial requirement in interms of ideas, feasibility and our passion about puzzle game. SCiNDO is about virus chain. A virus start infecting other organism. The player control the virus, multiply it to win the game. The first idea iteration was done in May 2014

Prototype and Iteration

We created paper prototype to receive feedback. The feedback is limited though. We decided to build a simple game. The fun is with the gesture. Paper prototype cannot give right feedback.

We have 3 persons. We do everything we can in creating this game: character design, level design, sound design, interface, development, publishing, marketing, etc. It was hard for us since this is a side project. We all have full-time day job. We worked during weekend, but not every weekend.

After 2-3 months into game development, we kept playing with the game and felt something missing.The game is bare minimum. This is when we started adding sound design and more animation to the game.

The first prototype was done in Oct, 2014.

Due to our development approach, we cannot port the game to iOS. Android is our only platform.


In June 2015. The game was published on Google Play. The result after this launch is not good. We stepped back and thought about how to improve SCiNDO.

In September 2015, we regrouped and revamped the game. We received a few feedback from player and improved the game upon those. We worked for 2 weekend days and totally reskin the game. A new theme is created with a better colour palette for character and interface. WE were more confident with the game UI. We gave it to more people including colleagues, friends. Then we had the first player finish all 19 levels with a love for the game. It is motivating for us to read his review

“It was great doing all 19 levels, intuitive concept, smooth game play, gets u to think about how to use ur head to solve levels, level 18 should be the swapped with 19 as its the toughest” - Ahsan Dar, a SCiNDO player.

If you like puzzle game, feel free to try out SCiNDO