Making swiping fun

My first mobile game design. Had fun with UI and character design.


Interaction design Interface design


May - December 2015

About SCiNDO

SCiNDO is a mobile game project that I designed when I was a member of Hiterus Studio, a game studio in Singapore. The project was started in December 2014 and ended in November 2015. The game utilises the mobile gesture swiping to create a fun yet challenging gameplay to solve puzzles. The lastest version of the game was published on Google Play Store in September 2015.


I worked as the only interface and visual designer in the project. The game level design was done by another member. The team had three members, and all of us worked together in brainstorming concepts and gameplay.


The game was inspired by another mobile game called Blek. However, we wanted our game to have a unique interaction and challenge. The concept of splitting the main object was from the board game Pandemic, where the bacteria can spread out and infect cities.

We believe that mobile games can stimulate our problem-solving skills in a visual, interactive and challenging way.


The graphics of the game are kept simple to help players focus on the swiping interaction. The full form of menu is designed to appear only when the game is paused. Most of the screen is for gameplay.

Character design
Help menu
Level menu


In June 2015, version 1.0 was published on Google Play. We received numerous feedbacks about the gameplay and graphics:

  • The game levels were difficult too quickly.
  • The graphics needed to look more exciting and visually attractive.

In September 2015, we revamped the game and published v1.2. A new theme was created with a more vivid colour palette for the characters and interface. The result was that we had the first player finish all 19 levels with love for the game. It was motivating for us to read his following review:

“It was great doing all 19 levels, intuitive concept, smooth gameplay, gets you to think about how to use your head to solve levels, level 18 should be the swapped with 19 as it’s the toughest” - a player.

You can see the following marketing video of the game.


The process of designing, developing and marketing a mobile game was beneficial for all of us. We learnt which elements of a game was vital for its success, as well as how to respond to players’ feedback and evolve the product.