Just do it

One day, an email sent to my colleagues inviting us to have a presentation in their conference

At first, I saw that the conference was quite small and low-key so I didn’t want to join.

My product manager received the same email and asked if I wanted to talk in the conference. He said I should start giving some talk and share design knowledge.

I thought part of me never feel ready for any thing. That was my imposter syndrome. I never want to do anything unless I’m ready. And it’s rare for me to reach that ready state. I was comfortable with that. But suggestion by my product manager made a lot of sense, so I decided to give it a try.

After talking with a few people, I felt like to talk about some problems we have been trying to solve. I felt proud of the work and the team I am working in. A few rounds of iteration and I decided to talk about Designing for Global and Local Markets.

First challenge was the preparation for the topic. I collected ideas from my product manage, who has worked for several years. I received a few feedback from other product managers/designers in a meet-up about their paint points in designing products for global/local markets. The next step was to align brainstormed ideas and thought in certain structure. I found Global UX: Design and Research in a Connected World (by Whitney Quesenbery and Daniel Szuc) a valuable references to understand and organized my presentation. The book helped me stand back from my own opinion and see the problem from perspective of many other experienced designer and product manager mentioned in the book. I even realized certain practices in my design process can be improved and that I should focus on important points.

The second challenge was in the conference day. It was lucky for me that I talked with audience and other speakers during lunch and before my presentation so I can relate my presentation to their background and expectation better. I was nervous at the first few minutes but then it got better when I was more into it. I came to learn that other companies are having some similar problems and that my next presentation will be better.

I used to doubt the mentality “Just do it” as I thought it is ignorant to do something before thinking about it. After the presentation, “Just do it” to me is more like a mentality you have when you decide to do something for the first time because you know the best result will come only after the first try.

In case you want to see my presentation, please find it here.