Homepage Redesign

This is my personal project. The redesign is not part of any contract between me and Gimmie

Project Background

Gimmie is a service that segments website traffic via visitor type and a range of other factors to help assess specific audiences, their conversion rates and more. Offered via a SaaS model, it also lets customers craft a range of personal messages that are served to people who land on a webpage with the goal of engaging them sufficiently to turn them from visitor into customer/lead.

Old website:

Old website

Style Guide

I use Brandon Text and Brandon Grotesque. They have a clean and warm look with rounded corners, suitable for reading on web. This, in my opinion, is close to the look of Gimmie logo.

Due to the heights, Brandon Text is good for long text in paragraph while Brandon Grotesque is suitable for title and headline.

Colour and Typography



  • In the headline, people will see the value in smarter message and want to know Why it is smarter. The reason is the “best message to right visitor at the right time”. Those people that are interested in this value, assuming this is a good unique selling point, will want to signup for the trial. I moved the part about no code and easy installation since I’m not sure if this is a major selling point for those that want to make quick decision here. I agree that No credit is a very good point to remain right below the CTA button. I change the label from Sign up to Start my 30-day trial as the new text explain the outcome of clicking the button clearly, giving users a correct expectation.

  • People that don’t want to signup right away will scroll down for further details. Since we have 3 main benefits, a 3-column layout works well for quick scanning of benefit titles. I rewrite the 1st benefit since it can communicate better the value with client. Proprietary Targeting is bit technical.

  • The testimonial can be improved since there is no solid evidence (e.g.number) of how successful or fantastic the partnership/result it. I have removed it in the new design.

  • Below main benefits, I put another signup form with necessary fields. This is to attract people that already understood the value of Gimmie and feel ready for the commitment of signing up. I have removed the Password confirmation since the lesser field there is, the more encouraging this form is. Also, even if they forget password, they can reset it. The value in ease of creating message is emphasised here and the new label Get Started sounds more encouraging than Sign Up. I try to reduce the number of typing and clicking in this form to make it more welcoming.


Design for desktop:

Desktop design

Design for mobile:

Mobile design