Project 01

This is an on-going project about how I design a mobile application to help commuter to be notified when they are reaching their destination.

Project Background

I slept on bus for a few time and missed the bus stop many times. It happens mostly when I commute alone.


Obeservation and Interview

The need is initially from my personal life. I notices the same problem for many friends. Sometimes when we took night bus, 1 of us needs to be awake.

I ask my colleagues about if they have ever encounter the same situation. One of my colleagues likes listening to music and he sometimes forgot to get off the train.

Needs/Goals of People

  • Be notified when they are near destination
  • The notification can awake the passenger if they are sleeping

Ideas for product

The design solution will let user know when he/she is close to his destination. This is addressed on many cities’ public transportation. For individuals living on cities that have no such system, the solution should be integrated in his belonging that can notifies him. A mobile application will be a good direction.


  • Alarm clock
  • The announcement on train before every station
  • The announcement on flight 20 minutes before landing


I created this prototype on MarvelApp and give to people for feedbacks.

Feedbacks and Challenges

  • Selecting destination flow needs be more flexible since not-well-addressed destination can not be searched. Solution references: Uber, Grab
  • Integration with bus stops map will help user visualize the path easier. Solution References: Citymapper
  • The prototype will need more working functionalities to be used in daily life. User want to try it out on daily basis to give more helpful feedbacks. Solution: to build mock app on FramerJS with geofencing and notification features.