Conceptual Model and Water Tap story

Conceptual model is part of the communication process between product designer and the audience who use the product. It plays a critical role in the discoverability of the product, or in other word, whether or not people can know how to use its functions. A water tap made me write this.

Nothing is original

or How to stop worrying about being original and start creating solution

Just do it

My first design presentation in public event.

First meetup in 2016

My first meetup in 2016 is User Experience Singapore (UXSG) no.21

App Updates that are Fun to Read

A collection of fun and creative app updates

My 2015 - The Year of New Adventures

The review of my life in 2015

Tools and The Illusion of Better Design

There are many design tools while you may have little time to master them all. How do you choose the “right” one?

Why I stop designing alone

Or how I get out of my box and start talking with people

Design Clients then Their Products

Why we want to design clients before designing their products? Because they may like the design and approve it by deadline ...?